Best Time To Go On Safari

Best Time To Go On Safari

Best Time To Go On Safari

Tanzania is welcoming throughout the year and the safari parks are useful for the greater part of the year. As the east African nation lies near the equator the climate doesn't have the trademark four seasons however is constrained to only two seasons-Dry season and Wet seasons. While the dry seasons are in every case useful for diversion seeing the wet season likewise releases an alternate side of the safari safe houses. Every one of the parks on the northern circuit are useful for survey around the year, the Southern and Western circuit parks are best visited in the dry season.

However, the best time for visit this incredible safari nation basically relies upon what you fancy for. Here is our breakdown of months for you to choose according to your preference:


The short rain time frame has quite recently retreated and the scenes are supported and flooding with an immersion of greens. Transient flying creatures are in full flight and the calving season is going all out in Southern Serengeti.

March- May:

Its wet season and the downpours descend in deluges. Animals scatter rendering the parks devastate and the trails of Kilimanjaro are wet and spongy. The tropical shorelines of Zanzibar are likewise rendering unavailable with the substantial downpours and rainstorms. It's low season in Tanzania with less groups and expenses are low. However, the landscapes are wonderful and possess large amounts of green

June to October:

While June is the change month the climate truly opens up from July onwards as the dry season starts. The conditions are incredible with clear skies and next to no dampness. The dry conditions draw all the wildlife out of their territories to the watering gap and absence of vegetations gives a terrific amusement seeing knowledge. Kilimanjaro is prepared for trekking and the shorelines are welcoming with the capturing normal magnificence


The second wet season observers shorter spells of showers. Its great time for photography and winged creature looking as transitory flying creatures touch base in enormous numbers decking up the Tanzanian skyline with valuable and uncommon avifauna.

November to March:

Interested in exploring marine life and submerged scenes? At that point this is the ideal opportunity for you. Snorkellers and divers stand the most obvious opportunity with regards to experiencing whale sharks.

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