Machame Route

Machame Route


Machame Route or the "Whiskey Route" is a champion among the most outstanding courses on account of its charming points of view and changed scenes.

In any case, traveling through Machame Route is to some degree troublesome when diverged from Marangu course. Notwithstanding the way that the walk around the Machame course is increasingly outrageous longer, still the achievement rate is higher than the Marangu course.

Machame Route isn't really troublesome, yet the climb is all the additionally incapacitating as it has numerous high focuses and depressed spots crossing a chain of valleys and edges. In like manner, the course is most suitable for people with some climbing or trekking experiences and for the people who love encounters. For novices the climbers, the course can be tiring.

Machame Route starts from the south, heading towards the east, investigating underneath the southern ice fields before summiting.

Generally, the base days to summit Kilimanjaro through this course is six, anyway seven days is recommended. Kilisa Tours and Safari provides threeMachame Route tour packages of 6 days, 7 days, 8 days along the Machame Route.

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